Pad work is back


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Now that Covid restrictions have relaxed we are finally able to offer focus pad work here at BOX12 … At last!! Pad work will add another element of variety into your BOX12 Workouts and will give you that extra push, as well as all these great benefits:

  • As its’s a skill-based exercise, you’ll be learning a new skill as well as working hard!
  • It’s High Intensity & Low Impact – Get all the benefits of a good cardio workout without negatively impacting on your joints.
  • Use boxing techniques to work your legs, core, and upper body, giving you a full body workout.
  • Technique! Working the pads with an instructor will enable you to vastly improve that technique, thus giving you a more effective workout
  • Stress Relief – hitting the pads will help to release endorphins and reduce those stress levels.
  • It’s fun! Nailing that multiple-punch combination will always bring on a smile!

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