COVID 19 UPDATE – 01 NOV 2020

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Here we go again!

Due to the Prime Ministers announcement over the weekend unfortunately we will be closed from Wednesday and all memberships will be frozen until further notice.

During the first lockdown we managed to transition into the online space quickly and were able to provide the best BOX12 experience possible from the comfort of your own home. During this time, we received some fantastic feedback from members and the wider community with the ultimate recognition coming from being voted the #1 online workout – see report here.

All of this was very welcomed given the challenging times however we also realised that people needed more support and so we built the BOX12 ‘Online’ Body Transformation Plan. This 100% online, structured approach to health and wellbeing allowed people to stay focussed on their exercise and nutrition but also do this at home and on their time schedule. The results that our BOX12 champions achieved were inspiring – see here.

Building on this success we invite you to join our challenge group on this coming Monday 9th November, and if you do, you’ll receive a 50% discount on the plan! To get further information and to join the plan visit –

The BOX12 Body Transformation Plan will guide your workouts and the nutrition framework will help you make the relevant changes to achieve your goals. All this while using the boxing tuition videos to master your skills! We also understand the challenges that lockdown presents to our mental health and therefore we have collaborated with Kim Embra, Dr of Psychology to build an emotional wellbeing toolkit that you can access and utilise at your will.

We will be back open when we’re allowed but, in the meantime, BOX12 will continue to provide services to assist you physically and emotionally throughout this 2nd lockdown.

Stay positive, stay active and stay safe.

Jamie Cartwright


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