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Sad times. It was all going so well for BOX12, damn you Coronavirus!

Following this evening’s announcement, we can confirm that BOX12 will follow the directive from the Government and close this evening until further notice.

IMPORTANT – This is only a temporary measure and when appropriate BOX12 WILL re-open. You cannot get rid of us that easily! BOX12 has been the single best thing Jon and I have done in our professional lives. The positivity and overwhelming adulation that BOX12 has received is mind blowing and we’re committed to ensuring it continues.

Exciting news… BOX12 ‘online’ launching soon!
We may be closing but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep training, nor does it mean you can’t complete a BOX12 workout. We will very shortly launching our BOX12 online platform to ensure that you can keep exercising the way you are used to.

We will be in touch with more details in the coming days, please keep an eye on your emails.

Let’s keep our amazing community interaction going and have some fun!

The BOX12 team

P.S. Our normal membership terms and conditions apply
P.P.S. We love you all and look forward to seeing you ‘online’ if not at the supermarket wrestling for toilet rolls

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